If you are hankerin' for something different look what has arrived in Alberta!!

Vintage Soda Company was started to bring micro produced sodas, retro sodas and vintage sodas to the homes of Canadian's. We carry sodas from all over the United States, including those from California, Washington, Connecticut as well as sodas from Mexico and Australia. A lot of the sodas that we carry are made with CANE SUGAR NOT HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP!! 

Cane Sugar has fewer calories than refined sugar and contains no saturated fat, cholesterol or sodium. Every teaspoon of sugar cane only has 11 calories, and four grams of carbohydrates. 

Check out our list of amazing sodas, many different brands and flavors offered by Vintage Soda Company.

113, 127 Kingsview Road (next to the Kingsview Off Leash Dog Park in the STRIKE building)
Airdrie, AB T4A 0A8
(587) 254-SODA

Hours of Operation:
Wednesday: 11am - 6 pm
Thursday - Friday: 11am - 7pm
Saturday: 11am - 5pm
Sunday: 12pm - 5pm