Terms & Conditions

When ordering from Vintage Soda Company there are a few things to note:


If your order is successful you will receive a conformation from the site outlining what you ordered. There is no need to follow up and ask us to confirm if we received it. The website has live inventory, we do our best to have everything in stock however it is subject to weather delays, bottling delays and seasonality.

To maximize pallet space keep these in mind, each row on a pallet can be composed of 12 cases of bottles or 21 cases of cans, this can be mixed but we do recommend full layers as they seem to ship with less damage. The maximum number of cases to a pallet is 60 cases of bottles or 210 cases of cans and these are VERY heavy skids (2000 lbs+)


All orders submitted to us must total $750.00 or greater (before tax and deposits), any orders failing to meet this minimal size cannot be submitted.


Any orders requesting a rush service will be subject to a $100 fee, this allows your order to be built and ready to ship within 1 business day. Any orders requiring this service will need to be noted on the order at time of submission. We will do our best to accommodate any rush orders however it will be based on staffing availability and does not include delays for payment processing or transportation delays.


CUSTOMERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYING THEIR OWN SHIPPING unless other arrangements have been made ahead of time. We are happy to provide the approximate rates based on the location, size and weight of your pallet through our preferred shippers. However if you want an exact quote to your specific location and weight you will be required to contact them directly. As well please note any additional services such as liftgate, heated service or inside delivery are an added service and will increase your cost. It is up to you to provide the most accurate information possible to get the proper quote. We cannot “shop around” on your behalf for the best rate, you are the expert in your area and know more about trucking companies servicing your area than we do. We are more than happy to provide a weight base on your order size for you to get some quotes and get the best rate possible. When you have decided on your transport company please provide us the name and any quote numbers and we are happy to call and have it picked up once its ready to ship.

Through our experience we have found that the best shipping rates tend to be 1200lbs or more, the rate is higher but the price per container (bottle or can) tends to be less.

We do not have a dock but do have a forklift for loading trucks.


All merchandise leaves our warehouse in good condition. It becomes your responsibility to claim damages with the shipping company or delivering carrier.

Orders should be checked for damages and shortages prior to the delivery driver leaving. All damages should be reported to us along with the pictures of the pallet and damaged items within 48 hours. Pictures of the pallet should be taken from all 4 sides prior to the pallet being unwrapped or the driver leaving. This will be your proof when asking for credit, failure to provide these pictures may result in credits not being given.

We do our best to make sure that the product on the pallet matches that of the order submitted, however there may be inventory discrepancies and possible human error. Any shortages of product will be credited to your account and used against your next order

For pick up orders, you are also expected to check your order prior to leaving our warehouse, any claims for shorted products will not be honored if you failed to confirm at time of loading.



In the event that you decide to cancel an order that has not been shipped and wish to be refunded; there will be a resulting restocking fee. Any orders that have already left our warehouse cannot be refunded. Any returned product requests will be addressed on a case by case basis.