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Averys Beverage

Avery's Sour Puss Blueberry Lemon

Avery's Sour Puss Blueberry Lemon

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Customers' love of craft soda will never sour - especially when Avery's Sour Puss Blueberry Lemon soda is part of your selection. Avery's has taken its expertise in craft sodas and created a truly unique sour soda. The flavors are so tangy, it will have customers puckering like the boy featured on the label. It's also made with pure cane sugar for just a touch of sweetness and old-fashioned appeal. The bright blue soda shines through the longneck glass bottles

Avery's sodas are crafted using the finest ingredients, including real cane sugar, for a difference you can taste.

Case contains 24 12 oz bottles each

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